How to improve your breathing technique for swimming

As a beginner swimmer, there are two important aspects that you need to develop when learning to breathe in the water:  Having your face underwater while you breathe,  Maintaining a proper rhythm to your breathing.  We’re here to guide you on both of these points so breathing in the water becomes an easy and achievable […]

Freediving vs Scuba Diving

Wherever there’s a good reef, there are divers (and snorkellers, but this article is about diving). With their wetsuits, tanks, and snorkel masks, divers are the masters of the ocean and get to explore a whole different side of it that regular swimmers just can’t experience. When you dive below the water’s surface, you can […]

Top 5 Things to Look Out For That You Might Miss When Snorkelling

You already know that there are lots of beautiful fish species to see underwater, but what else should you look out for when snorkelling? Here are our top 5 things to see underwater that aren’t fish… pop on your Ninja Shark snorkel mask and go explore these incredible sights! Ready to discover different marine sensations […]